Adelaide Aquatic Centre Strategic Options Review

In response to a new State Aquatic Centre opening at Marion in 2011, SGL was commissioned to undertake a detailed review of the short and long term strategic options for the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

An assessment of the current facilities identified that several revenue increasing opportunities could be implemented in the short term. An investigation was carried out into the essential maintenance required at the Centre over the next three to five years. The review recommended implementing changes to the Health and Fitness Centre to increase revenue.

A detailed investigation of the financial and social impacts of relocating the centre was conducted. It identified that a redeveloped Adelaide Aquatic Centre in the current location was expected to perform financially as well, as a new facility on any other site. A redevelopment design brief complete with concept plans was prepared for the recommended redevelopment of the existing facility. Management models were also examined and commentary provided about the most appropriate management model for the aquatic centre.

Services: Community, Facilities, Funding, Planning, Sport, Arts and Culture, Evaluation, Tourism
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: North Adelaide, Australia

Aqua Jetty 2 Feasibility Study and Business Plan

Prepared for the City of Rockingham it involved detailed market research to determine the viability of a major extension and redevelopment of an existing facility.  Substantial financial modelling was conducted as part of the business planning.

Services: Facilities
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: , Australia