Tompkins Park Master Plan

The City of Melville commissioned SGL to prepare a master plan for a major, high profile sporting facility.  The project entailed substantial discussions and negotiation with multiple sports, including rugby union, cricket, touch, soccer and bowls. The outcome was a master plan which included the reconfiguration of the playing fields and relocation of a bowling club and bridge club to a redeveloped and expanded hub building.  The assignment included the preparation of a management model which extended the previous management structure to include additional parties (ie bowls, soccer and bridge).

Services: Facilities, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: BOORAGOON, Australia

Carss Park Recreation Needs Study

Prepared by SGL for Kogarah City Council, the Study was to establish:

  • The financial performance of the existing Carss Park complex, taking into account all income and costs.
  • The current and likely future needs of the community with regard to the provision of a multipurpose community facility, capable of supporting low level indoor recreational activities.
  • The current and likely future needs of the community with regard to the provision of an indoor community group meeting place.
  • The suitability of the site of the existing aquatic centre, in social planning and demographic terms, to accommodate the proposed facility.

Location: Hurstville BC, Australia

UniSA Great Hall

The purpose of this project was to construct a Sports, Cultural and Recreational Complex that was reconfigurable to encompass a multi-purpose Great Hall for Exams, Graduations and Events. The multi-purpose hall will be located partially underground, rising to form a Plaza and amphitheatre integrated with the adjacent Høj Plaza and Jeffrey Smart Building.

The facilities must also contain a gym/fitness centre, pool, plenary spaces, back of house and storage and Audio Visual technologies are to be embedded in all indoor and outdoor facilities and provide for a multitude of functions.

Services: Facilities
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Dubbo Showground Business Review

This study for Dubbo City Council involved comprehensive review of its current operations and business.  Subsequently, a strategic business direction was recommended and a concept master plan prepared.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Dubbo, Australia

Port Lincoln Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study

The City of Port Lincoln commissioned a consortium led by SGL to prepare a feasibility study and business case comparing redeveloping an existing centre with constructing a new aquatic centre. The study included an assessment of the existing facility and compared the capital and operating costs with a new facility at another location.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Port Lincoln, Australia